Thelmo Rego 2012-InstruMetal

Instrumental album focusing on the technicality of Progressive Rock, the speed of Thrash, and the occasional breakdown of Metalcore. A lot of my favorite guitarists such as John Petrucci, Marco Sfogli, Steve Vai, and Marty Friedman release AMAZING solo albums. However, in my opinion they lack in one department. They are not nearly as heavy or as metal as the material they release with there full time bands. My goal is to release an instrumental album that has all the progressive, sweeping fast, technical awesomeness that you’ve come to expect. But with a modern, thrashy, heavy in your face attitude. Faces will be melted!!!!!

前卫金属乐手Thelmo Rego的最新力人作“InstruMetal”,非常具备金属质感,速度和鞭打,偶尔崩溃的金属核! 可以说它能释放出John Petrucci、Marco Sfogli, Steve Vai和Marty Friedman 中没有的补充!


01. Tapped 05:23

02. Four Days Of Death 03:41

03. Burn In Front Of Her 04:00

04. The Other Side 04:21

05. How I Used To Be 05:24

06. Die With Honor 05:25

07. Scars 04:23

08. The Apocalypse 03:22

09. Unorganized Religion 04:53

10. Salvation 04:46

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