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DrumChina.com  is China’s premier online brand about drum and percussion and indispensable to the daily life of millions of Chinese who use the content for their drum news, drum lesson and drum music .

As China’s most comprehensive drum and percussion music web site, DrumChina is based on e-time and has a vision to popularize drum arts, promote drum music, widen access on the internet for more people to understand and enjoy drum! DrumChina is the platform of choice for drum fans to promote their drum life, DrumChina disseminates drum culture, and contributes to the drum industry in China!

DrumChina  has become the most visited, has the most membership, is most well-known, has the strongest specialization and is welcomed by more drum enthusiasts among all drum network media in China!

By Jan. 2008, the registered membership had surpassed 20,000, messages posts over 400,000 and simultaneous on-line visits exceeding 1000 daily. DrumChina has became the main platform for domestic drum music information.

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